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Presented by Deborah Shelton Wood


The Last Will and Testament of Paul Chiles
From:  HALIFAX COUNTY, VA - WILLS - A History Of Halifax County,Chapter X Wills
To my son Henry, negroes and land on Bottom Town creek in Halifax county.
To my son, Paul Chiles, negroes and land in Bedford county and in Halifax County.
To my son, Rowland Chiles, land I now live on, and after
my wife's decease, also 110 acres at mouth of Bottom Town creek, also 70 acres on Sycamore creek in Halifax County, and negroes.
To my daughter, Elizabeth Chiles, 728 acres on both sides of Smith's river in Halifax county, also negroes.
To my daughter, Frances Chiles, 200 acres on Mayo's river and 400 acres joining the same not yet cleared, out of the office in Halifax county; also 130 acres on the other fork of the Mayo and 400 acres joining it not yet cleared; one of the offices to be cleared with my estate; also negroes.
All personal estate sold at public sale, giving six months credit.
All debts paid from it, and all back lands not mentioned in the will to be
sold and equally divided among the children.
To my loving wife, Anne ( ROWLAND), 60 pounds to be at her disposal.
Anne Chiles, my wife, executrix; John Chiles and Captain John Ward, executors.
                                       "Paul Chiles." X


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