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View the You Tube, Smoke balloon performance, 1937.

Three Children of Capt Eddie Allen
Florence, Eddie and Gloria !

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Eddie, Jr. would perform his maneuvers hanging from a hickory hoop and trapeze bar attached to the bottom of the hot air balloon!

Florence's act included being "shot" from a cannon that was attached to the bottom of the balloon, then parachute down!

Gloria suffered fatal injuries at Blackstone, Virginia in 1937 when, upon release, her parachute ripped after it became snagged.

Another sister, Arlene, was electrocuted during a show, when her equipment came in contact with electric transmission lines.

Brother, Friel, died while experimenting with explosives for the act.

Cousin, Warren ( Speck, Jr) was killed, when he was urged to leave retirement and make just one more trip aloft, and the equipment failed.

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