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Armstrong Family-Scotland to Ireland to Pennsylvania-North Carolina to Virginia

Presented by Deborah Shelton Wood


  Captain Joseph ARMSTRONG was born in Londonderry Ireland in 1711 of Scottish ancestry, Joseph Armstrong married Jennet Stewart in Ireland. Their first son, John, was born in Fivemile Town, Fermangah, Ireland. Their daughter, Mary Katherine Armstrong Currie is my line.
 Known children include Mary Katherine, John, Thomas, Joseph, James, Margaret & William.

Joseph Armstrong and family came to Pennsylvania in 1731 according to passenger lists.

Captain Joseph Armstrong was captain of the Militia and his son, Col. Joseph Armstrong was a Rev. War Colonel.

Abstract Graves of Revolutionary Patriots shows the son, Col. Joseph Armstrong is buried here at Rocky Springs Presby. Church Cemetery 6 miles from Chambersburg PA

It is believed he Capt Joseph is buried where he died, in Carlisle, Hamilton Township, Cumberland County, PA. (part of which in 1784 became Franklin Co PA)

Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills - gives us this:
Joseph Armstrong of Hamilton. 3 Sep 1760. (date the will was written)


Captain Joseph's parents are believed to be John and Susannah Armstrong of Ireland.  John's parents are believed to be John Armstrong and Ellen Curry.

The ARMSTRONG legacy is one of wars and battles in Ireland, Scotland and England as well as in America.

"Among Col. John Armstrong’s 300 frontiersmen who made the daring rescue at Kittanning was a company headed by Captain Joseph Armstrong, Sr. (In 1756, two McCords were in Captain Armstrong’s company, William and John McCord) For the daring rescue, Colonel John Armstrong and his officers received medals and monetary awards from the Penn family."

"Captain Joseph Armstrong Sr.’s son, Colonel Joseph Armstrong, Jr. had a farm just a couple of miles south of Fort McCord and was married to Elizabeth McCord of the Fort McCord families, further research has shown. Colonel Armstrong, and we believe Elizabeth McCord Armstrong, were buried in the Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church graveyard not far from Ft. McCord. The McCords attended Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church and William McCord and Colonel Armstrong had pews there". FORT McCORD is near present day, Chambersburg, PA


View a transcription of Joseph Armstrong's Last Will


Last Will of Joseph Armstrong



  + Ellen CURRY
    2 John ARMSTRONG
      + Susannah
        3 Joseph ARMSTRONG b: ABT 1711 d: ABT 1761
          + Jennet STEWART
            4 Mary Katherine ARMSTRONG b: ABT 1740
              + James CURRIE SR. b: 1737 d: BEF 1782
                5 James CURRIE b: 26 Apr 1765 d: 16 Jan 1842
                  + Sarah BLACK b: ABT 1770
                    6 Jane CURRIE  d: ABT 1845
                      + Robert SALE b: ABT 1786
                        7 Jane SALE b: ABT 1808 d: 1873
                          + Constantine Allen GRAY b: ABT 1797 d: 1863
                            8 Mary Ann GRAY b: 22 Jan 1828 d: 13 Apr 1896
                              + William WILLARD b: 20 Aug 1820 d: 2 Feb 1915
                                9 Margret J WILLARD b: 1847
                                  + Bluford Calhoun COLEMAN b: 1847
                                    10 Dorothea Maud COLEMAN b: 23 Apr 1890 d: 28 Dec 1957
                                      + Ewell Branson REYNOLDS b: 2 Nov 1882 d: 6 Jul 1959

SOURCES: Chester County Pennsylvania Wills,     Armstrong Ancestry of the Jansen Daughters by Virginia Carpenter Jansen and George Jansen Jr. 

Copyright 1998, 2006 Deborah Shelton Wood - All Rights Reserved

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