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Last Will of Captain Joseph Armstrong
Presented by Deborah Shelton Wood, descendant.

In the name of God Amen, upon this third day of Sept in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty I,  Joseph Armstrong of Hamilton Township in Cumberland County now of sound mind and memory blessed be God for it and calling to mind my mortality that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament.......
 and first above all I commit my immortal Spirit to God who gave it and my body to the earth be buried in Christian like manner at the discreation of my executors, firmly believing the general resurrection the union of soul and body and life everlasting and as for what worldly good things of this life it hath pleased God to bless me with that I will and bequeath in manner following. to wit:
First of all that my just debts be paid out of my movables and personal estate and that with the cash now in hand in  especially that all my lands or claims to lands located in the land office whether surveyed or not yet surveyed be fully and completely paid for to proprietor or to their Surveyor General and in his office and legal patents taken out for them by my Excrs. ... and then and after all said lands not already patented is so patented. 
 * First I will and bequeath to Jennet my dear and well beloved wife lone equal third of my move ables or personal estate. 
* Secondly to my beloved and eldest son John Armstrong I will and bequeath my Plantation in Orange County in North Carolina with all the appurtenaneces there unto belonging or else that part of my Plantation in Cumberland County whereon my Mansion House stands  (the line whereof I intend the part next to the mountain should be divided from the part there bequeathed to said John I have already shown  either of which he shall choose enjoying obliging him to find and furnish for my beloved wife his own mother a good and comfortable decent manner of living during her natural life either in the Same house with him where he shall offer her all suitable accomodations and attendance but if she chooses to live in a separate placed that then he shall build an house for her ease and comfort always well stored with plenty of good provisions for meat drink and fire and lodging and furnish her with a good horse well fit for use and ready always at demand, also two Good milk cows well fed also one maid to serve and attend her all times.
* Thirdly to my beloved son Thomas Armstrong I will and bequeath that trust of land between Robert Elliotts and William Rankin's in Hamilton Township. 
 * Fourthly, to my beloved son Joseph Armstrong I will and bequeath that part of my plantation whereon I dwell which lies next to the mountain and near the equal half in Quantity.
* Fifthly, I will and bequeath to my beloved son James Armstrong that part of land the claim whereof I purchased from Chapman and is well known to my family as also an addition of fifty acres located and a legal warrant in the office obtained to be made thereunto.
* Sixthly to my beloved son William Armstrong I will and bequeath that tract of land the claim whereof I purchased from James Bely and is also known to my family. A.B. if my son John does not choose to have my Plantation in Carolina for his portion that then I do Revoke and change that bequest made to my son Joseph and I will and bequeath to him that part of the Plantation before mentioned and I give at choice to my son John and that part of my Plantation first mentioned and bequeath to my son Joseph that he will and bequeath to my son James and William to be equally divided to land between them to the best advantage but if my son John does choose that part of my Plantation in Cumberland County first mentioned to him then I will and allow my son Joseph to inherit the other part as first willed and mentioned to him that my Plantation in Carolina be sold by my executors the price thereof I bequeath to my sons James and William to be disposed of to the best advantage for their benefit especially that they be educated with part of it and which so ever or the bequests appeals to my Sons James and William it is to be over and above the aforesaid lands respectively willed to them. 
*  Seventhly, I will and bequeath to my beloved daughter Catherine Armstrong, other ways Katherine Courey  (Currie) the sum of twenty pounds over and above that she has already received, and...
* .... finally I do will and bequeath to my Beloved Daughter Margaret if she Contract Marriage with the consent and approbation of my executors then the sum of fifty pounds but if Otherwise that she does Matrimony contrary to their will and inclination that then and in that case I will bequeath to her five pounds only and no more and ...
Let it observed that the part of my will respecting the purchasing and paying to said land is to be carefully performed immediately after my decease and I will and nominate & appoint my beloved sons, John, Thomas, and Joseph to be the Excrs. of my last will and testament & revoking and disallowing all former or other wills I do publish pronounce and declare this to be my last will and testament in the presence of Robert Elliott, John Stewart, Nathl. Wilson Jos. Armstrong (Seal)
 Be remembered that on the twentieth day of January 1761 Letters Testamentary in Common form to John, Thomas, and Joseph Armstrong in Said will named Inventory to be exhibited in or before the 20th day of Feb. next on Acct of Admr. rendered when thereunto required.  Given under my hand and seal of office Harms. Alricks
source: Chester County Pennsylvania Wills

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